It's all about people

Housing association Peaks and Plains were looking to create a campaign to champion their internal values, not simply as a corporate exercise but as a way to embody them day in, day out within the organisation. 

Fluid created the ‘It’s Who We Are’ campaign, which distills the five core values of Peaks and Plains into five powerful statements. The campaign line and powerful visuals were developed by Fluid after immersing ourselves in the existing insights provided by Peaks and Plains.

The campaign’s central concept is that the values that Peaks and Plains stands for are not simply corporate buzzwords, but are inherent to the organisation’s DNA. The ‘It’s Who We Are’ campaign celebrates these values and communicates them effectively to employees, stakeholders, and the public.

Fluid delivered a full set of brand guidelines alongside concept artwork for posters, webpages, events, coffee cups, and water bottles. The ‘It’s Who We Are’ campaign has been widely embraced by Peaks and Plains employees, who have responded positively to the creative and powerful statements. The campaign has helped to reinforce Peaks and Plains’ values and has provided a powerful tool for communicating these values to the wider world. The campaign has helped to establish Peaks and Plains as a leader in the housing association sector and has enhanced their reputation as an organisation that truly embodies its values.

“Fluid took the time to listen to what we wanted to achieve with our values relaunch. Instead of simply reading our brief in isolation, they took the time to understand our organisation, our purpose and our people. They presented us with a couple of very thoughtful approaches and accommodated our feedback, delivering a solution that our colleagues love and speaks volumes about who we are.”

Aileen O'Riordan  |  Communications Manager, Peaks & Plains Housing Trust