An evolutionary brand for a revolutionary imaging technology platform

National PET Imaging Platform (NPIP) is a pioneering startup poised to revolutionise PET imaging technology in the UK. With a mission to establish state-of-the-art facilities and capabilities, NPIP aims to bring ground-breaking advancements in PET imaging, fostering scientific discovery, enabling collaborative research, and maintaining the UK’s leadership in medicines discovery.

The world of medical science doesn’t stand still. It is ever-changing; ever-evolving. New innovations and discoveries result in a forward-thinking, constantly changing landscape.

NPIP, and it’s progressive offering, is a shining example of this. State-of-the-art scanning technology results in realtime data; live, as it is happening. No two seconds the same. Constant movement.

Therefore, we wanted the NPIP brand to echo this. To move away from the static, corporate, ‘one-size-fits-all’ territory and, instead, lead the way with a brand which moves, evolves and innovates – positioning it at the forefront of the medical science world.

We delved into the visual representation of NPIP, exploring imagery, illustration, iconography, graphical assets, colour schemes, and typography. The goal was to create a visual language that conveyed the cutting-edge nature of PET imaging while maintaining a sense of innovation and collaboration.

The strap line “Enable. Discover. Innovate.” was carefully chosen to encapsulate NPIP’s role in empowering research, facilitating discoveries, and driving innovation in PET imaging.

We developed a set of comprehensive brand guidelines that outline the usage of the logo, colour schemes, typography, and other visual elements. These guidelines serve as a roadmap for maintaining brand consistency across all communication channels.

“We worked with Fluid to develop the NPIP brand, from conceptualisation right through to developing guidelines, assets, and templates. The quality of the work was top-notch, as always, and the whole development process has felt seamless and like a natural extension of our in-house team. Fluid has been great to work with every step of the way. The brand we've created together looks fantastic and has given us a great foundation to build on.”

Darren Holmes  |  Marketing & Engagement Operations Lead