E-learning portals to ensure smooth site inductions

Veolia is a leading provider of waste, water and energy solutions with a global presence. In the UK alone, they have over 14,000 employees and hundreds of sites across hundreds of sectors, areas, and services. Veolia colleagues often work in technical locations such as MRFs, HRCs, or at some level of risk such as with clinical or hazardous waste, as well as frequently hosting visitors at their sites. With this in mind, Fluid have created a number of e-learning portals for Veolia to use to roll out training, health and safety introductions, and site inductions.

Because Veolia have so many visitors and operatives, they require a quick, easy way to make sure that everyone is familiar with the relevant safety rules and information. However, this varies from site to site, depending on their function, layout, and any number of miscellaneous external factors. We work with Veolia to develop bespoke portals for each individual site, ensuring that we convey the safety information paramount to the visitors’ experience, whilst also elevating their interactions with Veolia. 

Health and safety is key to Veolia’s visitors accessing and enjoying the most interesting parts of their visit, but it may also be their first impression of the site. For this reason, the E-Learning portals we create blend clear, engaging visuals, with informative, accessible layouts and a conscious consideration of the UX journey through the learning process.