Connecting brands with their customers, and customers with promotions 

As part of our shopper marketing campaigns here at Fluid, things go far beyond what you see in store. Once the PoS displays are set up, products are on shelves, and the public are introduced to the possibility of winning prizes, we’ve only just begun. We create bespoke microsites where required for many of our campaigns, which not only enable shoppers to enter and win, but enables our clients to get a granular, statistical insight into the way people are engaging with their campaign and their brand. Promotions run by consumer brands can get hundreds of thousands of entrants – that’s a lot of people interacting with the brand, so our microsites ensure that this massive reach is leveraged to give the best possible brand experience.

The microsites are single-page websites, accessed most typically via mobile devices where members of the public can enter – and win! – promotions. They’re an essential part of their user experience as an entrant into the campaign, so it’s essential that they are not only visually exciting as a brand touchpoint, but that they work smoothly and easily as well. 

The functionality of the microsite ranges depending on the promotion – it can be as simple as an entry and contact form with energetic, strong branding, or it can be as ambitious as a mini-game.

Crucially, we build microsites that are versatile enough to confidently guide our consumers towards their next step; that may be making a competition entry, winning and claiming a prize, converting to social media, or more. As well as brilliant branding, this requires a top-performing back end, so we can make sure the microsite is doing as much as it can for our clients.  We provide in-depth analytics, as well as regular reports digesting the numbers, so that clients can not only understand them, but utilise them moving forward, whether on future projects or reactively in their current promotion. Additionally, we handly numerous technical aspects to ensure the sites perform as well as possible, including spam and bot filters, maintenance, and speed testing.

Our microsites are a key point of connection between brands, their promotions, and their consumers, and their job is to foster excitement and energy, without any digital awkwardness. We achieve this on a scale of hundreds of thousands, generating positive impressions and, of course, enabling thousands of people to take home prizes.