Showcasing commitment to sustainability through waste strategy and innovation

Veolia, a global leader in environmental services, approached Fluid to create an impactful identity for their ‘Sustainable Futures’ event. The event, focused on waste strategy and innovation, aimed to showcase Veolia’s commitment to sustainability, position them as thought leaders, and highlight their latest innovations.

With 150 local authority contacts, Veolia Ex-Co members, business strategy managers, and guest speakers attending, the event was a key opportunity to solidify Veolia as the partner of choice.

Fluid initiated the project by developing the key visual for the event. The challenge was to develop an identity that aligned with Veolia’s brand but maintained a collaborative and approachable feel. The branding needed to convey Veolia’s cutting-edge, innovative nature without appearing too corporate, setting the tone for a customer-facing event post-Covid. This visual then set the tone for the conference – portraying the world in which Veolia and its customers operate.

As well as creating a comprehensive suite of event materials, which included: invitations, agenda, stage set, banners, name badges, lanyards, directional signage, flags, and posters, Fluid also brought the exhibition hall to life. Here delegates explored various Veolia projects and had the opportunity to network. The hall was themed around the ‘road to net zero,’ featuring zones like ‘Change starts at home,’ ‘Decarbonizing our operations,’ ‘Building sustainable communities,’ and ‘Treating waste as a resource.’

Fluid’s commitment extended beyond design, with the team providing on-site support throughout the event. They ensured the seamless setup and derigging at the end of the day, contributing to the overall success of Veolia’s ‘Sustainable Futures’ event.

The event not only met but exceeded expectations. The cohesive branding and engaging exhibition hall contributed to positioning Veolia as a forward-thinking, collaborative partner in the sustainable future landscape – successfully showcasing Veolia’s innovations and commitment to sustainability, and leaving a lasting impression on decision-makers, ExCo members, and industry professionals alike.