People at our heart

Though the NHS is one of the most familiar brands in the UK, individual trusts’ own brands serve an important purpose in bringing the trusts together, supporting their staff, and communicating their unique values. Fluid works alongside a number of NHS Trusts to develop their brand and values, in order to help them to embody their own individuality.

When the Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Partnership Trust wanted to change and build upon their existing values, Fluid helped them to create a brand that spoke not only to the ethos of the NHS as a whole, but the specific, distinctive ethos of the Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Partnership Trust. Working with a partner, a strategic deep-dive into the Trust and what they stood for was undertaken, speaking to NHS colleagues across the trust. From GPs to nurses, patients to porters: the positioning line ‘People At Our Heart’ was developed to encompass the care and community that represent the trust.

From there, we designed an identity for the Trust bringing together their five values in an emblem that represented both their values and their positioning line. This was rolled out into collateral that the Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Partnership Trust used to introduce the new brand in their hospitals. A suite including presentation templates, leaflets, posters, and social graphics was supplied to the Trust for them to utilise going forwards across all their internal and external communications.

Having developed a complete brand for the Trust, it was essential that the rollout with staff was as impactful as the brand itself. We supported the Trust with letters to all staff detailing the new brand as well as Z-cards, and on the ground, we delivered exhibition stands, a poster campaign, and collateral for a launch event to introduce the new brand, visuals, and ‘People at our Heart’ messaging. All the staff were given the opportunity to get to know the Trust’s new brand, so that the brand would not just be visual, but embodied through the very people it centres.