A conference for the virtual world

Carbon Clean develop industry-leading Carbon Capture technology. As tech developers, keeping people updating on their new innovations and progress is essential to driving their business forward and generating funds, so they frequently attend and host conferences to showcase their latest and greatest. However, COVID-19 posed challenges to their ability to gather people together in a space, so Fluid supported them on delivering a virtual conference that still generated the same excitement, community, and energy as one in person.

When Carbon Clean prepared to launch CycloneCC, a cutting-edge technology that advances carbon capture to be easier, simpler, more efficient, and cheaper, they wanted to give it the fanfare it warranted. They had hoped to host a conference at a customer site in Scotland, rolling out CycloneCC with testing, demonstrations, and a big guestlist. However, due to rapidly changing guidance and an unstable climate due to COVID, it became clear that this was unable to go ahead, so Fluid ran with a virtual conference, which actually enabled Carbon Clean to reach a vast global audience, with a lower carbon footprint of their own. 

We co-ordinated a live virtual conference, shot and broadcast on site at a studio in London, that Carbon Clean stakeholders could dial into from anywhere in the world. The actual event took place over one hour, and featured interviews, pieces to camera, interviews with customers and team members, including team members dialling in globally. As well as handling the existing logistics that come along with larger-scale events, we also had to navigate rapidly-changing government guidance in order to work to the largest scale possible, safely. Our crew filmed, directed, lit, and operated autocues and video conferencing software to ensure that Carbon Clean could launch CycloneCC with the slick, impressive wow factor it deserved.

CycloneCC remained the focus of the event, but without seeing the tech in person, communicating its value and innovation to stakeholders posed a challenge. In order to convey this virtually, we created a highly technical animation demonstrating how CycloneCC functioned, and providing a clear explanation that remained accessible in video format. 

The launch event was a huge success, attended by 100s of delegates globally. Additionally, the conference is still available on YouTube to rewatch, and has had over 4500 views.

“Fluid is by far the best agency I have worked with. They take the time to understand our needs and are proactive in their approach to projects, ensuring they’re pushing us both creatively and strategically. Their attention to detail shines through and I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Laura Gillions   |  VP Marketing, Communications & Public Affairs, Carbon Clean