Where employee engagement conversations flow

Pharmaceutical leader AstraZeneca overhauled the way it talks about employees’ personal and career progression. Performance management became performance development, with ‘coaching conversations’ at the heart: quality two-way conversations between AstraZeneca colleagues at all levels. 

AstraZeneca wanted to establish the shift from the old way of thinking to the new, and encourage uptake with a campaign that would bring to life the value of having great conversations that liberate leaders and empower employees. Following a series of workshops with the AZ team, Fluid built personas and a strategy, from which came the visual identity for the campaign: the mobius element.

With the mobius element and Coaching Conversations at the forefront of the campaign, we went on to deliver a video which has received over 16,000 views, a Podcast series (PodcAZt), a series of interactive ebooks, a bank of single-page digest documents offering an insight into available resources, an information pack to enable AstraZeneca’s Human Resources department to successfully cascade Coaching and Feedforward out to the global organisation,  video shorts for AstraZeneca’s internal social channels to raise awareness of the campaign, and infographics.

“We have developed a great partnership with Fluid over the last few months. To be honest I feel like they are an extension of the team. They listen and hear what it is we are trying to achieve and come to the table with great ideas – but importantly, workable ideas. I see them as a trusted partner in the communications and engagement space. We’ve had feedback internally that the campaign has really stood out in a crowded space, but still aligned with our brand and importantly, people felt they could really connect with the messages being shared.”

Sharon Feeny  |  Communication and Engagement Lead, AstraZeneca