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When Veolia revisited their whole organisational strategy, they were looking for a creative concept that would link all of the elements together.  Essentially, the strategy was about putting the right resources and investments together to generate new ways to grow and improve their business, so our idea of using a tangram puzzle was ideal. The challenge behind the ancient Chinese art is to arrange seven tangram pieces in different ways to create geometric shapes. It seemed like the perfect fit for their brief and went on to become the creative vehicle for their business strategy for the next three to five years. The strategy has even been renamed ‘Project Tangram’ and has been implemented across everything from posters and brochures to games, leaflets and videos.

Veolia - Tangram Project

All of Veolia’s 15,000 employees know what the objectives of Project Tangram are.

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“With Fluid’s help, we have created a company-wide strategy that every employee recognises and understands. In a team of 15,000, that is a significant achievement. Their positive approach to projects is refreshing, and it’s great to work with an agency who feel like part of my team rather than simply a service provider.”

Kevin Hurst Chief Operating Officer – Veolia

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