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Welcome to Leeds: A future zero waste City

Leeds is faced with a challenge; to make use of over 165,000 tonnes of household waste produced each year and recycle an impressive 50% of the city’s waste by 2020.

To help meet this ambitious target, Veolia and Leeds City Council designed and developed a Recycling Energy Recovery Facility (RERF) which uses state-of-the-art technology to sort through black bin waste to rescue any items that can be recycled into new things. Any residual waste is then burned to generate steam and drive a turbine that generates enough energy to power 22,000 homes. It will significantly reduce the amount of waste that is sent to landfill.

Fluid was tasked with designing and installing wall graphics throughout the facility to really bring the sustainability story to life. The facility then threw its doors open to the public and we worked with them to support an experiential launch event introducing the new neighbour to the city which included a launch film, app and education outreach materials.  It was given the Royal seal of approval by HRH Duke of Kent.

Veolia & Leeds City Council
Veolia & Leeds City Council - Wall Graphics

More than 1,000 visitors have had a tour of the facility since it opened, learning more about the RERF process.

Veolia has educated more than 200 school-aged children on recycling and sustainability, resulting in positive behaviour change for our future generations.

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Veolia & Leeds City Council - Digital
Veolia & Leeds City Council - Wall Graphics

“Fluid gave us a fantastic platform for engaging with our target audience. The experiential element of this campaign allowed us to really bring to life the recycling message, which has driven education and engagement rates amongst a wide demographic. We are really pleased with the results and have had really positive stakeholder feedback.”

Charlotte Scallon, Marketing, Communications and Corporate Responsibility Director for Veolia

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