Visitor Centres and Office Wall Graphics

Veolia is the UK leader in environmental solutions with a mission to reduce waste and preserve natural resources. Key to their success is inviting people to join them on a journey towards more sustainable ways of living. Fluid is often tasked with creating ideas for corporate spaces that will inspire people to learn about waste management and the positive impact it can have on the environment.


We know that children in particular learn better in environments that encourage participation and hands on experience. What’s more, employees that are engaged in the purpose of an organisation are up to 202% more productive. Our insights also tell us that visual messaging through imagery is just as important as the words that we use.


We believe corporate environments and educational spaces should be as creative and effective as any other project we tackle. A white wall is much like a blank page in a book – an ideal space to tell a story. Using the very latest interactive technologies and bold, imaginative graphics, we create immersive experiences that engage and inspire through eye-catching designs and compelling copy. 


By telling Veolia’s story in interesting and informative ways, we have educated hundreds of schools, colleges, universities and community groups about the benefits of waste management and recycling. 

Client: Veolia
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