Veolia : SELCHP Electric Fleet

At the South East London Combined Heat and Power Plant (SELCHP), Veolia processes 420,000 tonnes of waste from homes and businesses every year. Items that can’t be recycled, but can be transformed into green energy. Fluid was briefed to promote a new fleet of electric vehicles powered by the very waste they collect.


Finding interesting ways to explain the benefits of turning waste into energy isn’t always easy, but Veolia’s new electric fleet provided the perfect vehicle. We created an animation that told the waste journey from start to finish. From collecting the waste in Westminster and processing it at SELCHP, to recharging the collection vehicles using green electricity generated at the plant.


SELCHP’s circular solution recovers the energy in Westminster’s waste to power one of the largest fleets of local authority vehicles in the UK. Our concept highlights the new RCV vehicles, while the complex process of turning waste into green energy is made simple through clever animation. A technique that helps to make the whole story engaging from start to finish.


Veolia is leading the charge by powering their electric fleet with energy from waste. Our animation is already raising awareness of their Net Zero carbon ambitions. But we hope it will also inspire residents and businesses in London to make the switch to electric vehicles, so they can aim for Net Zero too.

Client: Veolia