Veolia : Office Environments

As the UK’s leader in environmental services, Veolia mission is to encourage people to reduce waste and preserve natural resources. Nowhere is it more important to express this than in their corporate offices across the UK. But creating attractive messages when the topic is waste takes a great deal of imagination


We know that simple graphics supported by interesting facts are a great way to engage internal staff and visitors with a company’s values. They also create a subtle backdrop to people’s working lives that can enhance the corporate culture.   


We’ve used imaginative graphics and surprising stats to bring Veolia’s philosophy to life everywhere from visitor centres to their flagship headquarters on Pentonville Road, London. By transforming white walls into immersive experiences, we’ve created spaces with real personality and a sense of purpose.


Now Veolia’s people see inspiring messages every day, they don’t just talk the talk; they walk the walk. So they have become genuine ambassadors for the brand.

Client: Veolia
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