Veolia : Films and Animations

Veolia is €26 billion environmental services company with a global presence. As a leading provider of waste, water and energy solutions, it is vital that they can explain the technical aspects of their services to customers who many not necessarily be technically minded. Fluid is often briefed to create films and animations that do precisely that – and for markets as far afield as the UK, Ireland, North Africa, the Middle East, Belgium and Luxembourg.


Let’s face it, talking about recycling, fatbergs or wastewater treatment plants isn’t the most exciting topic. But there are still ways to grab people’s attention and guide them through a complex subject with clever use of words and pictures. We find that focus groups are a great way to test our concepts and select the best way to bring a dry subject to life.


Whether its explaining Veolia’s treatment facilities, the North American microgrid, or decommissioning oil platforms, we look beyond the cold hard facts to inject some personality into every corporate message. High film production values and slick animations help to convey precisely the right image for a leading environmental services provider, which gives customers even more confidence in the value of Veolia’s services.


Through the mediums of film and animation we have explained many of Veolia’s services in engaging and informative ways. With thousands of views, likes and shares, we’re clearly getting the right message across.

Client: Veolia
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