Health & Safety Campaign

SIG is a multi-national distribution and construction specialist that works on projects of all sizes across the UK. To ensure that SIG was a safe and efficient place to work, they asked Fluid to create a low budget campaign that would engage the workforce and improve their health and safety record.


Thanks to our experience with other clients, we know that adapting the 5S system can have a real impact on health and safety in the workplace. We also carried out our own research into typical accidents and outcomes in the industry.


Using our insights we were able to create a series of hard-hitting ads and posters. The Zero Harm campaign features mini case studies and stock photography to convey the dangers of ignoring poor safety practices at work. This was supported by management documents and employee materials to make highlighting dangers and stopping unsafe working practices far easier for employees.


The campaign had a massive impact on SIG’s health and safety record, reducing the number of accidents and lost time incidents – and ultimately saving lives.

Client: SIG
SIG health and safety posters