Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust provides a wide range of healthcare services from emergency medicine and mental healthcare to programmes that support patient wellbeing. Having appeared on the BBC series ‘Hospital’, the Trust wanted to ensure they were positioned in a positive way with all stakeholders.


To address the challenge, we recommended a three-tiered approach. First, we worked on a new corporate identity and strapline. Then we applied the new creative look to their 10-year strategic plan. Finally, we created a strong recruitment campaign to attract staff at all levels.


We moved away from the clinical NHS approach, pushing the colour palette to create a vibrant campaign with energy and personality. The new petal-shaped logo and soft strapline formed the basis for the brand’s new look and feel. We then created a series of characters, all moving forward in the same direction, to reflect the ‘Six Promises’ in the strategic plan for internal audience, and a roundel graphic for external audiences. To attract new talent, we then applied these principles to a recruitment campaign that highlighted why staff like working at the Trust.


Every element in the campaign had to conform to NHS brand guidelines and colour palettes and be delivered within 16 weeks. Although it was an almost impossible deadline, we were able to pull out all the stops and delight the client with our campaigns.

“We absolutely love the new brand design. It works at every touch point in our communications and have created a really caring and personal tone.”

Laura Skaife-Knight, Deputy Chief Executive
The Queen Elizabeth Hospital King’s Lynn NHS Trust