Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust : TEAM NUH

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust provides a wide range of healthcare services from emergency medicine and mental healthcare to programmes that support patient wellbeing. At the heart of their identity are their values. NHS Nottinghamshire asked Fluid to create a new set of values that would reflect their core principles and beliefs, and show people that they listen and care.


Sometimes inspiration comes from the most unlikely sources. Whilst researching the Trust to find out what makes it tick, we came across an internal line: TEAM NUH. This became the springboard for creating a new set of values that could be used to strengthen the team and enable them to deliver better customer service.


Each letter in TEAM NUH was used to express a tangible value: Trust, Empowering, Ambitious, Mindful, Nurturing, United, Honest. This was enhanced with a simple campaign look and feel that the internal team could work with. We also organised a photoshoot at both hospitals in the Trust, focused on the letters, to enable us to create posters and communications that could be used in staff areas.


The campaign has been a phenomenal success. Harnessing a well-known phrase to form the basis of the new values made them instantly more memorable. Recall of the values is high amongst staff members and this has helped them to deliver a superior level of patient care.

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