Independent Network VEKA

Independent Network VEKA (INVEKA) is a network of installers who are approved to fit uPVC windows, doors and bi-fold doors featuring profiles designed by VEKA. They are all committed to quality, craftsmanship and a service that’s second to none. To raise awareness of the benefits of the network and its capabilities, Fluid was asked to create advertising campaigns across print and digital media.


As VEKA only make the profile component of the windows and doors, rather than the finished products, we had to focus on selling the sizzle, not the sausage. This demanded a completely different look and feel for each target audience. But whether that’s B2B or B2C, we always make sure it’s H2H. Human to human.


We created a beautiful lifestyle campaign of full page ads to promote the INVEKA network to consumers. This included three ads that appeared in House Beautiful and Sainsbury’s Magazine, along with a leaflet, banner ads and topical posts across social media. For the B2B campaign, a striking suite of ads promoted the benefits of joining the INVEKA network to installers and fabricators. This was supported by a brochure to launch an innovative, ultra-matt surface for uPVC windows and doors, as well as banners and digital ads on relevant trade websites and social media.


By using a push-pull approach to increasing brand awareness, we were able to generate more sales leads for INVEKA installers, at the same time as creating demand for VEKA’s products from fabricators and installers.

Client: Independent Network VEKA
Sainsbury's Magazine Screen