The International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) is an independent, non-profit association that promotes and develops professional waste and resource management solutions worldwide. As part of its sustainability agenda, ISWA gives professionals access to a comprehensive knowledge base of materials, many of which are designed by Fluid.


Information can be beautiful – but only when it is presented in the right way. That’s why we always take time to dive into the numbers, so we can present facts and figures in an interesting way.


Whether it’s an annual report for stakeholders, guidelines and reports for the Davos world economic forum, or tools and training materials for the Zero Waste Conference, we handle every project with the greatest care and attention to detail. Not only do our materials add weight to the sustainability arguments they present, they also reinforce ISWA’s credentials as a leading authority in the industry. We have also organised and shipped reports to big thinking events like waste management symposiums in Venice and Spain.


Our in-depth reports have transformed legislation into easily managed content that is crystal clear and attractive to the eye.

Client: ISWA