Epson : Partnership / content sourcing

Epson, in particular their home entertainment projectors, were looking to drive sales within their retail channels by capturing their target audiences attention at point of purchase.


With partnership marketing and established relationships within the film, gaming and music industry we knew the perfect way to engage and resonate with the desired audience of ABC1 males. We explore, approach and connect with the most appropriate and relevant properties.


Being on the pulse at industry screening events, we created a 12 x month content calendar with appropriate fresh content matched to Epson’s target demographic. From this negotiations with studios and game creators take place to form an engaging partnership that delivers value to both the Epson brand & individual studios.


We created and edited a full content reel that represented the latest content to be displayed across thousands of UK & European stores as well as multiple trade shows. A secondary audience are visitors to Epson head office.

Client: Epson