DWF is a multinational law firm that leads the sector by adding value beyond the traditional role of legal advisor. This includes corporate communications such as press releases and e-newsletters to explain legal events and activities to a wide variety of audiences.


We know that using a consistent look and feel is the key to developing a powerful brand. So we started by creating internal brand guidelines for DWF, including a tone of voice section to ensure all communications use language that’s as sharp and meticulous and the work they do in their legal practice.  


The brand guidelines have since helped us to create a series of highly-effective communications. These have included in depth reports and initiatives to launch trading of the shares on the London Stock Exchange. We were also commissioned to a series design e-newsletters using a template that enabled them to be delivered cost effectively via MailChimp.


DWF has strengthened its voice in the legal market with a series of impactful corporate communications that engage with internal and external audiences. The London Stock Exchange launch was also a resounding success.

“The internal brand guidelines have helped us to focus on how we communicate with our stakeholders and customers to reinforce the DWF brand.”

Client: DWF