Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting

Veolia is a multinational environmental services company with a global presence and a total revenue of more than €26 billion. So sustainability isn’t just a buzz word to them; it’s their business. As a thought leader on many sustainability issues, they wanted to be recognised for their achievements. So they charged us with bringing their global sustainability strategy to life in an engaging way.


At Fluid, we were doing the sustainability thing long before it had a name. We know that to resonate with employees and customers, it’s best to avoid chest beating and self-congratulation. Instead, we decided to focus on what can be achieved through partnerships and collaboration. A completely new approach for Veolia’s flagship Sustainability Report.


The new-style report explained the journey that Veolia had been on with their customers and what they had achieved together. A specialist corporate responsibility copy writer was able to turn a wealth of Veolia’s statistics and information into easily digestible content, organised by market sector to highlight specific messages with extremely relevant details. Beautiful graphics created an appealing look and turned what would have been just another report into a real discussion piece.

Veolia’s sustainability credentials have been strengthened further with a suite of supporting communications including Imagine 2050, Water 2027 and Circular Economy brochures, social media posts, films and PowerPoint and web tools.


Fluid helped to deliver Veolia’s global sustainability strategy in an engaging and meaningful way. Today 23% of Veolia’s revenue comes from the circular economy, they have launched seven green businesses and are a carbon-positive organisation. 

Client: Veolia
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